Socio-economic Status Associated with Normotensive and Pre-eclamptic Women in Bangladesh


Khan NA1 , Islam K2 , Nahid N3 , Choudhury M4


Pre-eclampsia is a disorder of 2nd half of pregnancy, which is characterized by a combination of hypertension, proteinuria and edema; secondary to decreased placental perfusion. It is commonly associated with reduced weight, diameter and volume of placenta, along with other microscopic changes. This was a comparative study, of 220 pregnant women, selected with inclusion and exclusion criteria from 3 different medical colleges - Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, Sir Salimullah Medical College and Milford Hospital and Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College and Hospital. The objective of this study is to see the association of sods economic status of selected normotensive and pre-eclamptic women in Bangladesh. Those 220 cases were then divided into 2 groups - a study group, consisting of 110 pre-eclamptic women and a control group consisting of 110 normotensive pregnant women. The sample size was determined using the standard formula. The study was then explained to each individual subject and informed consent was taken. Standard pretested questionnaire was used to collect necessary information regarding their age, residential status, educational background, occupation, age of marriage, monthly income, dietary information and nutritional status. All interviews were conducted in the hospital. Dietary information was collected by 7 days food frequency questionnaire and food score was determined. Anthropometric and biochemical tests were carried out. Urinary protein was evaluated by the Heat Coagulation test. It was found that majority of the pre-eclamptic women were in the age group of 18-24 (56.36%) years, semi-urban (70.90%), housewives (56.36%), and 45.45% of the women could write. Almost half of the pre- eclamptic group (49.09%) had a monthly income of 25,000 to 29,999 taka.


  1. Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy

    Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, Dhaka

  2. Professor of Institute of Nutrition and Food Science (INFS)

    University of Dhaka

  3. Honorary Medical Officer

    Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital, Dhaka

  4. Associate Prof and Head of Department

    Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, Dhaka

Volume 31, Number 2 July 2019
Page: 36-39